Fiber-Optic Cosine Corrector

Scalar irradiance collector


The Hobi cosine corrector converts a fiber optic's narrow field of view to a cosine-weighted angular response, providing accurate measurement of plane irradiance (E). That is, it responds to the total power density arriving from various angles, a crucial measurement of radiative transfer.

Any fiber-optic cable with a standard SMA connector can be mated to the light collector. If installed with the provided o-ring, the fiber-optic connection is waterproof (if the fiber optic cable itself is also watertight).

The angular response of the light collector is optimized for use under water, but it can be used in air as well.


For more details, see the User's Manual.

FAQ: is it a collector, or a corrector?

Answer: Both. In the field of optical oceanography, it has traditionally been called a light collector. Among users of fiber-optic instrumentation, it is often called a corrector, used to modify (correct) the angular response of a fiber-optic.